10 Great Ideas to display Houseplants | Indoor Plants Decoration

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The role of houseplants for healthy indoor climate is indisputable. Potted plants provide a lively atmosphere and can transform your home into a green oasis. This is a well-known fact. What do you think about yourself? Do you also have beautiful houseplants at home? And if not, why? We want to put you on the idea that houseplants make the living space more comfortable, breathable and luxurious.

1. You don’t need a large room to have indoor plants. Be creative and grow plants vertically.

2. Consider the houseplants as an important part of your interior decoration. Cascading houseplants like the string of pearls looks chic.

3. Plants that are growing indoors play a decorative role, and at the same time, they clean the air.

4. Cool idea to use side table, to put plants.

5. Use shelves in your home to keep the plants on it. There you can do a small indoor garden like set up.

6. Use cool pots and planters to grow your plants. Must remember that pots accentuate the beauty of plants and should be chosen correctly.

You don’t need to splurge a lot of money to have beautiful pots. Read our post on pot decoration ideas to find out more on this.

7. Prefer low maintenance houseplants if you are a busy person.

8. The more beautiful the pots, the more beautiful your plants look as written above– “Pots accentuate the beauty of plants”.

9. Large houseplants like fiddle leaf fig are designers favorite. Give them a try. Learn how to grow fiddle leaf fig.

10. If there is a scope and brightness then arranging plants on a staircase is a good idea.

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