10 Insanely Clever Organizing and Storage Ideas for Your Entire Home

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How do you organize all those bits and bobs you have lying around the house? There’s always the option of buying a thousand plastic storage totes, but maybe you don’t have to. Maybe you already have what you need right at home. In fact, some of the disorganized items you have strewn around right now could be exactly what you need to corral the rest of the chaos. Check out these 85 clever organizing hacks to get all your stuff in order!

Organize Your Kitchen

The kitchen is another room in the house where you have a lot of small items that can be tough to keep in order. Spice jars, partially eaten bags of food, plastic bags, dishware … all of it can be so hard to keep organized and neat! Try these hacks to give your kitchen a total makeover.

1. Tack your plastic bags to the inside of your pantry.

I hate rifling through my drawers and cabinets trying to grab a plastic bag when I need one. Here is a simple solution. Just tack the box with the plastic bags in it right to the inside of the pantry door. With the flaps the way they are, this is actually extremely easy, and it keeps the bags on hand when you need them.

2. Bring out those magazine holders again!

My next thought after I found the solution for storing plastic bags was, “Can’t I just do that with my plastic wrap boxes too?” And then I remembered why that doesn’t work. Obviously you need the lid to help you cut the plastic wrap (or tin foil, etc.). Then I ran right into this genius storage solution. It’s time to bring out the magazine racks again! They are useful in the kitchen!

… And they are perfect for your cutting boards as well:

3. Make a tea tin with dividers.

Love your teas, but hate trying to find them when you have a dozen different types? One easy way to get them all organized and take up a lot less space is to make a tea tin with helpful dividers. You can toss all those bags and boxes where you are storing all your tea bags separately, and just keep them all in one tidy place. If you think you need more space than this, just start with a bigger container. Add the dividers, and even label them if you like! It’s pretty, crafty, fun, and will free up room in your kitchen cabinet.

DIY Instructions and Project Source: Hi-and-hello

4. Keep your veggies in a drawer.

This one might seem obvious, but then again, if you are like me, you just leave all your vegetables rolling around on your countertop, and then wonder what happened to that onion or garlic you bought for your stew or soup. You can corral your veggies in a drawer to keep them out of the way and organized. It prevents them from getting wet or rolling away. I love the way this person did it! The baskets are very cute!

DIY Instructions and Project Source: Apartmenttherapy

5. Install tension rods.

Tension rods are totally awesome. Check out this solution for storing spray bottles.

DIY Instructions and Project Source: Madefrompinterest

You get to free up all that space on the bottom of your cabinet, and the tension rod lets you line up your spray bottles neatly. You can find what you need instantly, and you no longer have to shuffle everything around just to get it out and use it. Putting it back is just as easy.

This isn’t the only great way to use tension rods either. You can also set up tension rods vertically to help keep plates, frying pans, and other items in line. If you experiment, you will probably come up with even more great ideas for using tension rods in the kitchen and all around the house.

DIY Instructions and Project Source: Goodhousekeeping

6. Use a pegboard organizer in your drawers.

This pegboard drawer organizer uses a similar principle. While you may not be able to find this accessory for sale, it does not look like a terribly difficult DIY project.

Photo/DIY Instructions and Project Source: Houzz

7. Store your K-Cups in an egg carton.

Home coffee machines are awesome, but those little K-Cup things can be such a hassle to store neatly, especially since you probably have a whole ton of them on hand at any time. What do you know though—they actually fit perfectly inside of egg carton compartments! This is a wonderful way to save space while storing K-Cups and keep your K-Cups organized by flavor. You can see the labels on top so you find what you are looking for straight away.

Tip: Egg cartons are amazing! If you follow the source link below, you will find a lot of other clever uses for them! They are great for storing jewelry, craft supplies, nuts and bolts, office supplies, and so much more.

DIY Instructions and Project Source: Thejoyfulorganizer

8. Make your own chip clips.

You know those hangers that are designed for pants and skirts in your closet? If you have some extra ones lying around, and you could use more chip clips for your kitchen, then try repurposing some of those hangers into chip clips. It is really easy. You just need the clip parts! Cut off the rest and you are good to go. Each hanger gives you two new chip clips.

… Or repurpose an old plastic bottle

Here is another clever idea I never would have thought of. If you have an old plastic bottle, cut off the neck where it connects to the cap. You can pull a bag through it like so:

After you do the first step, you can fold the bag over and then add the cap. Yeah, you could just use one of those plastic twist-ties, but this idea is just so much more fun.

DIY Instructions and Project Source: Diyncrafts

9. Organize cookie cutters with a paper towel rack.

Paper towel racks are useful for far more than just paper towel. If you want to keep your cookie cutters in place, just stack them over the top of it. This is another of those solutions where you will probably think of a ton of other applications once you start using it.

DIY Instructions and Project Source: Bhg

10. Get a rotating food tray.

A rotating tray for your fridge isn’t something you will conveniently have on hand, but it is definitely a cool thing to buy for your kitchen! If you hate reaching in the back of your fridge to grab bottles, knocking over half a dozen others in the process, then this item is for you.

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