11 Reasons the John Muir Trail is the Best Long Distance Hike (For Trekking Newbies)

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3. Seeing is Believing

The beauty of the trail is so powerful that it can stall the progress of hikers and leave them dead in their tracks. One of the most challenging aspects of hiking the JMT is resisting the urge to stop every time there’s a new view. Rest assured, around each bend lies a gorgeous scene just waiting to be photographed.

4. Solo Yolo

Life is too short. If friends or family are reluctant to join, the trail is easy to do solo. You’ll have plenty of time for solitude and reflection, but you’re almost guaranteed to meet a buddy or two along the way. Other benefits include the ability to set your own pace, easier logistics (taking off work) and having more freedom to explore.

5. Serenity Now

The power of hiking alone is a time for reflection, meditation and discovery, especially with the isolation the trail provides. Foot traffic on the Appalachian Trail has increased drastically over the years, especially in the southern sections, and since the movie Wild was released, the PCT has been overrun by tourists. The JMT, however, is not as crowded, and if detours are taken along the route, it is possible to go for quite sometime without seeing other hikers. * Continue reading on the next page.

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