11 Reasons the John Muir Trail is the Best Long Distance Hike (For Trekking Newbies)

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6. Choose Your Own Finish Line

Push onward if you choose, the trail continues through to the PCT. One of the coolest parts about the John Muir Trail (210 miles) is that it is a section of the lengthier Pacific Crest Trail (2663 miles). With some careful planning, one could continue hiking onwards to knock a larger chunk of the PCT.

7. The Road Less Traveled

Road crossings are uncommon and offer greater immersion into nature, which is a stark contrast to other long-distance trails. Hikers are able to enjoy the wilderness and forget about civilization knowing they’re truly off the grid.

8. Just Keep Swimming

Pristine lakes and rivers are the perfect oasis for weary legs and feet. The water is clear and mirrors the reflections of the High Sierra Mountains that surround each body of water. They offer a haven from a long day of hiking and a place to freshen up and capture the beauty of the trail. They’re also a great spot to setup camp for the night. * Continue reading on the next page.

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