15 Best Egg Combos That Double Your Weight Loss

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Eggs are a powerful superfood on their own, but combine them with these other fat-burning ingredients and you’ll slim down in no time.

We already love eggs. Rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and healthy fats, eggs are a key component of countless recipes found in Zero Belly Breakfasts, a new diet plan that can help you lose up to 14 pounds in one week! What don’t do our bodies any good, though, are some of the sides and add-ins commonly served with eggs, like fatty, processed meats and refined carbs.

Whether you prefer your eggs in omelet form or sunny side up, there’s plenty of waist-friendly additions that will actually increase your dish’s fat-burning capabilities. While you can never go wrong mixing in veggies, there are other powerful pairings that might surprise you. Here are the best foods to join with your favorite breakfast protein for optimal nutrition and weight-loss.

1. Eggs + Avocado

Pair eggs with a healthy fat like avocado. The old school diet myth that eating fat will make you fat has been debunked; the fruit’s monounsaturated fats have been proven to reduce belly fat. Another waist-whittling characteristic of this type of fat is its ability to boost your metabolism and give you the energy to workout harder. Starting off your day with avocado could mean more calories burned and a lower number on the scale.

2. Eggs + Ezekiel Bread

If you love sunny side up eggs, grab some sprouted Ezekiel bread to soak up that yolk. Full of sprouted whole grains, you’re actually getting more protein and fiber. It also has four grams of fiber per slice, meaning you’ll stay fuller longer and less inclined to snack right when you get to work.

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