6 Spectacular Quebec Hiking Trails That End With A Waterfall

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People around the world are obsessed with traveling, but the truth is that you don’t need to travel very far to have an adventure. At least not when you live in a place as vast as Quebec.

There’s so much to see and do in this province that it would be a shame to explore the rest of the world without first exploring our own back yard.

We were going to talk about hiking trails but then we figured, why would you want to take a regular old boring hike when you can hike up to a waterfall instead?

Here are 6 Quebec trails that end with a waterfall.

1. Dorwin Falls

This is easily one of Quebec’s most beautiful sites. There is a huge 2.5 km ecological trails that follows the gorge in which the river flows. This trails forks to lead you to two different observation decks.

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2. Plaisance Falls

These falls are said to be the most impressive falls to see up close in Quebec. Not because it’s the biggest one (only stands at 63m high)  There is a 1 km long hiking trail that leads you to the foot of the falls, as well as observation areas. rest areas and picnic zones.

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3. Sainte-Ursule Falls

Several walking paths and forests to explore nearby. And yes, in case you were wondering, there is a suspended foot bridge. And since simply looking at the falls isn’t excitement enough, there is a gaming area nearby so you can play a quick game of pétanque. Animals are permitted as long as they are on a leash.

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4. Mauricie Falls

If you’re looking for a nice refreshing getaway then look no further. Mauricie National Park features the Cascades trail, it’s a 2 km long pathways that leads you all the way up to the waterfall. And this is one of the few you can actually swim in. There’s even a beach and picnic area close-by. They also offer boat rentals.

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5. Montmorency Falls

One of the more memorable waterfalls in Quebec. Standing at 84m tall and 46m wide it’s the largest urban waterfall after Niagara Falls! There are plenty of hikes that lead up to the fall, or you can also take the cable car if you’re feeling lazy. There are also walkways that lead to a 2nd smaller fall nearby

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6. Sainte-Anne Falls

An enjoyable waterfall experience for the whole family. This fall features a 74m drop nestled deep inside Canyon Sainte-Anne. There are several well-developed trails that allow to view the falls from many different angles. You can access the other side using a 60m high suspension bridge that crosses over the top of the falls.

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