7 Popular “Self-Help Tips” That Are F**king Up Your Life

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2) Go on a diet if you want to lose weight.

The opinion of most medical professionals today is that diets don’t work, are potentially dangerous, and should be avoided.

“Yeah but doctors don’t know nutrition! I’ve seen people lose weight on diets! Diets work!”

Okay, diets do will help people lose weight. There’s no arguing with that.

But statistics show 95% of people who lose weight2 by dieting will regain it all plus more within 1-5 years.

In other words, if you go on a diet, there is 95% chance you are going to be heavier in 1-5 years.

I understand this is demotivating, but it’s a fact.

How many people do you know who have lost weight only to regain it all back?

Tragic cases can be seen in shows like The Biggest Loser, where after radical weight loss most participants regain their weight.

But if you do need to lose weight, there is hope.

A diet is “a temporary and highly restrictive program of eating in order to lose weight.” That is the definition I’m referring to here.

The reason why the participants in The Biggest Loser regain their weight is because their dietary habits and psychological motivations on the show are not sustainable when they leave. They cannot do five hours of cardio each day, forever. The same phenomenon can be seen in some professional athletes after they retire.

If you really want to succeed in the weight loss game, there is no solution other than a drastic and permanent lifestyle change, with exercise and healthy eating becoming just a way of life.

If you go on a diet, ask yourself: “Could I eat like this forever?

If the answer is “no,” something needs to change.

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