8 Simple Reasons Why Men Avoid Ideal Women

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3. They Suffer from Their Own Made-up Complexes

Unfortunately, made-up complexes are quite common. A curvy gal can easily wear leopard print leggings and feel good about herself, whilst a tall girl with slender legs won’t even consider wearing a miniskirt. Why? It’s all about self-esteem, so women should learn how to raise it.

4. Perhaps Being a Wife is Not Their Thing?

“Personally, I want a woman who can take care of me and take care of things around the house. I don’t want anybody who is going to be looking for attention every time we go out,” says one of the male respondents on the Internet. Actually, many men agreed with him.

5. They’re Probably Too Focused on Being Alone.

If on the first date a girl shows the wedding dress she’s going to wear or mentally plans their honeymoon or tries to impress the guy with her honesty by going on and on about her ovarian cyst surgery, their first date is going to be their last one. Such women are trying too hard and, as a result, look desperate. They’re too focused on getting married, but, in fact, they’re focused on their loneliness. It’s very obvious, and it scares the men away.

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