Have you tried the colour fade hairstyle yet?

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While rainbow hair colour was big last year, this year, the colour fade or dip-dye hairstyle is touted to be the next big trend. And what’s more? It isn’t just popular amongst teenagers, but women of all age groups.

What is it all about?
Instead of colouring your entire mane, you can either dye the ends of your hair with a light shade to create an ombre look or if you are bold enough, go a step further and colour the hair ends with a bright or a muted hue. To make your search easier, we suggest some looks you can easily try out, without feeling uncomfortable.

The two-toned ombre look:
Hairstylist Ameen Parekh says, “You can choose a blonde tone for the ends of your hair and this will be the safest colour to opt for. If you wish to maintain the length of your hair and not snip it off, work around the faded ends to give a brand new dip-dyed or colour faded hairstyle.”

Short or pixie colour fade:
Those with short hair need not worry. If you have a bob cut or a pixie cut, instead of colouring the back ends, you can dye the front shafts with another colour. If you have a short U-cut or V-cut, you can always colour the back ends of your mane with a lighter hue or go bold with blue, green, pink or purple.

Longish dip-dye:
Make-up professional and hair professional Meghna Butani says, “If you have long hair, you can play with shades of pink, bright orange, purple and yellow. For those with dark black hair or light brown hair, can step away from usual hair colours and opt for punk shades like magenta or gold!” If you like subtle colours, pastels or light shades of brown is your best bet.

Sideward colour fade:

If you wish to dye your hair sideward, make sure that your hair is long enough to colour it. The feminine and age-defying appeal of the bob cut also makes it an ideal hairstyle choice for dip-dying or colour fading. But make sure that you choose the right colour to create a perfect style for yourself.

How to take care of your colour faded hair

Once you’ve colour faded your hair, you need to take special care. Here are a few points to remember —

> Choose a specially formulated shampoo and conditioner for damaged, bleached or coloured hair.

> Make sure to do a deep conditioning treatment every week, to keep your hair healthy and strong.

 > Moisturising and strengthening your hair is essential to prevent damage to the hair ends.

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