If He Doesn’t Make You Feel These Things, Don’t Marry Him

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Think about the guy you want to marry someday. Got him in mind? Okay. Now decide if he makes you feel all of the things below — if he doesn’t, you might want to reconsider walking down the aisle with him.


When you think about a future together, are you ecstatic or a little unsure? If you’re feeling anything but excited about spending the rest of your lives together, probably best to go ahead and shut down his impending proposal. (Or if you’re already engaged you might want to consider, you know, NOT going through with the wedding.)


When you’re together in public and see people you know, are you happy to introduce him as your significant other or are you embarrassed about what they’ll think of him? If you don’t feel proud to call him your boyfriend, imagine how awkward you’re going to feel when you have to tell people he’s your husband.


Do you know without a doubt that you can trust him to be faithful? That your relationship is strong enough to bear the storms that are inevitable in a long term relationship? If he can’t offer you reassurance that you two can survive as a couple, it’s probably not worth getting married. You’ll most likely end up divorcing later on anyway.

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