If He Doesn’t Make You Feel These Things, Don’t Marry Him

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4. SAFE.

Does his presence make you feel protected or do you feel uneasy whether or not he’s around? If you don’t feel safe, you shouldn’t be with him in the first place. Sure, you can take care of yourself, but you should also feel like he’ll take care of you if need be, too.


Remember when you first started dating and every minute together felt like the most incredible moment of your life? Like you couldn’t get enough of each other because you were both so insanely happy? That’s how your future husband should make you feel — maybe not every day, but most days.


When you do things for him, does he show his appreciation or does it seem like he hardly notices? If he doesn’t let you know that the things you do make a difference to him, it really shouldn’t make a difference to him if you leave, right?


Are things usually 50/50 (paying for dates, doing chores, time spent at your place or his) or is it seemingly impossible to compromise? If you feel you aren’t treated as his equal, don’t stick around to find out what his idea of a marital partnership is like — obviously this guy doesn’t understand how “partners” work.

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