If He Doesn’t Make You Feel These Things, Don’t Marry Him

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Or in other words, sexy. If he doesn’t show his physical attraction to you on a regular basis, how will your marriage ever survive? Probably best to call it quits before you get sucked into a passionless marriage.


Does he treat you the way he wants to be treated? The golden rule applies to everything in life, including relationships. If you feel like you don’t receive enough respect from him now, his disrespect will only grow once he feels you have no choice but to stay with him and deal with being treated like crap.

10. HEARD.

Do you feel like he listens to you when you talk? Like, REALLY listens? If he is just brushing off everything you say with a nod or “uh-huh,” he’s not bothering to hear what you have to say. And what you have to say matters, especially in a marriage.


Does he get distraught when he thinks about the idea of losing you? If the thought of you no longer being in his life doesn’t seem to phase him, he obviously doesn’t find you valuable. And if you’re so replaceable to him, might as well let him start looking for that replacement now.

12. LOVED.

Because a marriage without love is just a legal contract, and how dissatisfying is that? You deserve a guy who makes you feel loved beyond measure. Don’t settle for anything less.

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