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Your crown defines your look, and yet sometimes screams for lack of sufficient attention. Because, let’s face it, haircare can be a little messy and requires some time and effort – and more often than not, we don’t give it its due. Treat your tresses to some power-packed packs to get stronger, lusher and shinier hair.

For : Oily hair
You need : 2 tsp fuller’s earth (aka multani mitti), juice of one lemon, 2 tsp amla, 2 tsp reetha powder, and half a glass of stale beer. Apply on hair for an hour and wash off with a mild herbal shampoo. You can skip the conditioner.
How it helps : Lemon is the antidote to anything greasy because it helps in cutting down oil. That’s why this hair pack suits oily hair. The amla in it helps strengthen hair and enhances its natural dark pigment.

For : Dry hair
You need : Make a thick paste with 2 tsp mayonnaise, 1 mashed avocado, 1 tsp honey, juice of half a lemon, milk as per requirement (depending on how long your hair is). Apply on hair and leave on for at least 45 minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water and a good quality herbal shampoo.
How it helps : Since dry hair needs heavy-duty hydration, the blend of milk, mayo and avocado gives it the nutrition boost it needs to ‘bounce’ back.

For : Controlling dandruff

You need : 2 tbsp coconut oil, 3 tsp neem oil, 5 drops each of cedarwood, lavender, and rosemary essential oils

To prepare: Heat coconut and neem oil. Remove from heat and add all the essential oils. Pour the oil mix in a jar and let it cool. Store in a dry and dark place; this oil blend is good to use for three months.
To apply : Massage into the hair with special attention to the scalp. Follow this by wrapping your hair in a warm towel for 15 minutes. Leave the oil in for an hour or even overnight. Shampoo hair and condition with a gentle conditioner.
How it helps : The cedarwood oil-based treatment works well for reducing dandruff and healing scalp sensitivity. Coconut oil adds body and lustre, and neem

oil is known for its potent antibacterial properties.

Source: Neal’s Yard Remedies: Beauty Book by Susan Curtis, Fran Johnson, Pat Thomas

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