Trend-spotting: ‘Backacials’ are in demand this season

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Navratri is on, and it’s time to show off those chaniya cholis. If you’re planning to wear a backless choli and low-cut outfit, you will also need to show off a smooth, acne-free back. Big in demand now are ‘backacials’, which involve a deep cleansing of the back. It uses diamond microdermabrasion (polishing the skin). The 45-minute treatment begins with airbrushing, then steaming, followed by exfoliation using a fruit or herbal scrub, then a peel, and finally a hydrating pack. It aims to brush away pollutants from the skin’s surface, giving the back a smooth, glowing look. While backacials are effective, it is advised not to go in for more than three treatments over 10 days.


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